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We design and manufacture intelligent smart cameras and vision integrations. Our solutions are tailored to fit each clients’ specific needs based on experience from many different industries. We have built a portfolio of modular camera platforms CPU, GPU, FPGA with an increasing range of fitting sensor heads with CCD, CMOS, Scientific CMOS, thermal microbolometer and hyperspectral solutions, etc.

With thousands of smart cameras installed in industrial installations worldwide, we understand the requirements in terms of quality and reliability to keep factories running 24/7.

However, we do acknowledge that nothing lasts forever, especially in harsh industrial environments. Consequently, we realise the importance of deliverability and accessibility of spare parts – even several years after release. This is also taken into consideration when selecting parts and developing new designs. Hence, when our customers’ system parts become obsolete, we are frequently performing seamless swaps for new advanced parts.

Qtechnology is a synonym of innovation and openness. We are a big player in the open source ecosystem with contributions in all the stacks. Even if you have not tried our products you are already using our software on your phone, browser or cloud provider. More than 1000 patches on the Linux kernel, Gstreamer, and OpenCV, among others, prove our devotion to Open Source.

Qtechnology also keeps a close relation to Newtec A/S with whom we are sharing R&D facilities with state-of-the-art in-house laboratories.

In our R&D facilities, we also work in close collaborations with national and international researchers, scientists, universities and Ph.D. students to identify new developments and insights within areas such as material science, next-generation optics, and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Qtechnology in the Press

23. September 2020

We currently have a job opening for the position as Embedded Linux Software Engineer / Firmware Engineer at Qtechnology. Read more about the position here.

14. September 2020

Qtechnology has officially become a sponsor of the ice hockey team Herlev Eagles

31. August 2020

Qtechnology is hiring! We are currently looking for a new Software Multimedia Developer. Read more here.

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Our Vision

We want to be the preferred provider of advanced smart cameras solutions across industries and research projects.

Our Mission

We cultivate customer integration and strive to tailor a cutting-edge vision solution for each client.

Our Core Values

Our History

Qtechnology A/S is a privately held company, located in Valby, district of Copenhagen, Denmark.

In the late 90s, Newtec Engineering A/S and Kristian Glode Madsen started cooperating on the implementation of vision systems for optical grading of vegetables. However, as Newtec started demanding integration of additional intelligence into their machines, through various camera techniques, they were unable to find any companies capable of meeting their specific requirements. More specifically, Newtec needed a novel intelligent camera solution with a high frame rate and high processing that complied with the increasing demand for high throughput in industrial sorting. To develop a state-of-the-art vision solution meeting these requirements, Qtechnology A/S was founded by Kristian Glode Madsen, CEO, and Newtec Holding in May 2007, as a subsidiary of Newtec.

The first step for Qtechnology was to integrate image processing in the camera – in a so-called smart camera – as latency due to transport of images over wires would be too high and unable to comply with throughput requirements from the industry. For vegetable sorting color accuracy is very crucial, so 3CCD cameras were used in previous solutions. However, to bring the processing close enough to the image capture, a new 3CCD camera was designed and integrated with the image processing platform. The first solution to be implemented in an optical sorter was released in 2010, which was able to increase the throughput of the machines with up to 25% and had a lower failure rate. Everything was integrated into a single camera reducing the external electronics to a simple host PC.

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Qtechnology has since delivered thousands of cameras for industrial installations in different industries worldwide and continued the development of new cameras with novel sensor technology, enabling the supply of cutting-edge smart camera solutions for new industrial vision systems and R&D projects. We have expanded into a range of different industries, where we among others have developed applications for the finance, food, healthcare, manufacturing, and scientific research industries. Most recently, in 2018, we also moved into the sport & entertainment industry with an innovative camera solution for automated sports streaming.

If you also consider our assistance in the development of your next smart camera application and you, let us get in contact and discuss your next project.

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