Camera Heads

Exchangeable Camera Sensors

Qtechnology design smart cameras with exchangeable sensors. The camera heads include the imaging sensors and a lens interface, which facilitate the customisation of a specific sensor, lens interface and integrate LED lighting in the camera system. Read more about customisation of our cameras here.

Our exchangeable camera heads that can be utilised on different processing platforms, which allow our clients to tailor a platform with specific heads for specific applications. This facilitates the testing of alternative solutions for various projects – e.g. scientific research projects. It also enables the replacement of a camera body without having to replace the camera head once the camera hardware becomes obsolete.


This is the standard within machine vision systems, with fixed focal or varifocal lenses from the smaller sensors up to 4/3″ sensors.

There are many suppliers and a good share of quality manufactures of C-mount lenses.

For this mount, there is also a good range of microscope fittings and tubes.

Dual C-Mount

This special sensor head can be used in multiple configurations using similar sensors or combining sensors. Still, with C-mount for both lenses. The distance between the centre of the image sensors is 50mm.

Stereo Vision (3D measurement)
Dual Focal Length (two different focal length lenses)
Any combination of RGB, Mono, NIR

The two image sensors in this head can run synchronised or completely independent with different frame rates, exposures, etc.

Main Camera Heads


Global shutter 5.5um x 5.5um pixels
Versions available: M: monochrome /C : color /E12M : monochrome Nir Enhanced

1: The distance between lens center is default
2: MicroFourThird Electronic lens interface


Global shutter 3.45um x 3.45um pixels
Versions available: LL:monochrome / LQ: Color

3: Low speed, reduced functionality versions of image sensors


Global shutter 3.45um x 3.45um pixels
4.65um x 4.65um pixels

Other heads

Do not hesitate to get in touch with us if you do not find what you need or have special requirements in regards to sensors, mechanics, lighting, etc.

Micro FourThirds

Qtechnology is a member of the Micro Four Thirds group.

The Micro Four Thirds is mainly used for sports and research. With the Micro FourThirds lens interface the camera has an active electronic interface to the lens giving the options for electronic control of focus, aperture and on some lenses focal lengths (Zoom).

Originally Micro Four Thirds interface was made for mirrorless digital SLR photography.

Micro FourThirds