Customised solutions

Find a Computer Vision Solution Matching Your Vision Needs

We design and manufacture tailored smart cameras in-house, which we also apply when developing application-specific computer vision systems – with different sensors and mechanics, within different environments. In application-specific product development projects, we also supply specific software interfaces, protocols, processing algorithms, and pipelines, etc.

With internal mechanical, electrical, software and science resources, we develop complete system designs for machines, machine add-ons, and research instruments. Hence, we can handle full projects from idea to a running, application-specific instrument, machine or test set-up.

While we assist our clients throughout the development process in some projects in some cases, others consult with us about doing some of the phases in their development process – i.e. during the idea, concept, development phases or when upgrading an existing system, to get a product back on track.

So if you have an idea, a concept or a challenge, please feel free to contact us for a non-committal meeting.

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Focus on Customer Centricity

At Qtechnology, we realise that some applications require a specific solution and we always help you in finding the right solution for your needs.

We take pride in the ability to design high-quality vision solutions that meet our clients’ specific needs, and customised solutions in regards to image sensors, lights, optics, image processing, algorithms, software, hardware or the combination of technologies in new and innovative ways.

For us, it is important to build successful relationships with our clients. The understanding of our clients’ business and the challenges they are facing is essential, to deliver a solution that fulfills their specific needs.

Tailored Smart Camera Systems

With our modular concept designed for easy adoption to different sensors, we can implement specific sensors mechanics, lens mounts, LED light, etc. in a customised camera head – mounted on a standard camera platform. For instance, we offer specialised head configurations such as angled sensors, special optical mounts, special filters, and built-in LED light.

If we can not meet your specifications with our modular heads, we can adapt to your application with a tailored solution.

Talk to us about the hardware and firmware modifications you need or if you require special housing, different interfaces or different i/Os triggers, etc. We will do our best to come up with a solution tailored just for you, based on any requirements you may have.

Application-Specific Vision Solutions

With our in-depth knowledge regarding the latest computer vision technologies, we develop functional state-of-the-art application-specific vision solutions. When developing application-specific solutions, we assist our clients step-by-step throughout the different phases of a project.

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