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Technology for Automatic Sports Production and Broadcasting

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Applications for Sport & Entertainment

High-Quality Sports Productions

Qtechnology offers competitive camera technology with automated sports production for real-time broadcasting of games and practices for multiple sports.

  • Automated production, video editing and streaming in real-time

  • Robotic pan-tilt-zoom cameras with integrated artificial intelligence and motion-detection technology

  • FullHD and 4K streaming up to 60fps

  • Automated audio mixing of sound from ambiance and spot microphones capture the game atmosphere and action

  • Highlights sequences are tagged and added to highlight buffer for live replays while recording

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Automated Sports Broadcasting

When we started developing automated sports streaming systems, we initially challenged ourselves by developing a live streaming system for ice hockey. With skating speeds up to 29mph and pucks regularly clocked at over 100mph, ice hockey is well renowned as one of the fastest sports in the world, thus one of the hardest sports to auto-track. However, the fast pace and high level of action has elevated our knowledge and provided essential experience for the development of automated sports streaming systems for multiple sports.

Using cutting-edge technology, videos are produced and broadcasted automatically in our fully automated recording mode, without the need of a director or cameraman. We are also offering an operator-friendly hybrid recording mode, allowing an on-site operator to manage camera angles manually and add additional highlights sequences to the replay buffer. This hybrid mode enables a higher level of action to improve the streaming experience further and approach the quality of manually produced broadcasts.

Our automated broadcasting systems allow you to create more content and do it less expensively than ever before. We focus on matching every customer’s specific needs, with a system complying with your budget constraints.

Automated Streaming

The Qtechnology streaming system enables fans, friends, and family to stream games and practice sessions at any time, anywhere, and from any device.

  • Give fans a professional viewing experience on VoD streaming platform

  • Editing features allow viewers to tag, comment and share highlights reals

  • In-app calendar notify viewers about selected upcoming events
  • Broadcast games in real-time to video cube or LED wall
  • Add on-site color or voice-over commentators and sideline reporters for increased game entertainment

Mixing & Editing

The system produces high-end graphics automatically in the cloud, overlaying them on top of game videos and broadcasted directly to your streaming platform.

  • Schedule the games remotely
  • Automated video mixing, processing, and storage in the cloud server

  • Allow you to edit and manage overlays, graphics, logos, commercials, and branding

  • Scoreboard connection or optical recognition
  • Produce multiple outputs in both automatic and manual mode at the same time


With Qtechnology’s automated broadcasting system, customers may now exploit the full commercial potential of their sport and add new revenue streams.

  • VoD subscriptions and pay-per-views
  • New advertising and branding channels.

  • Increased exposure of perimeter advertising
  • Licensing of commercial rights to betting and other third parties
  • Improve marketing content and share videos on social media platforms
  • Improve fan engagement, experience, and satisfaction

Video Goal Camera System

Improve Referee Judgements Calls with a Goal Camera System

We believe in fair play. With multiple global shutter cameras, we offer goal-line video technology facilitating fact-based referee decision-making, ensuring a fair outcome.

With the affordable Qtechnology video goal camera system, we support fair judgment with reliable real-time image analysis during goal decision making or any other reviewable situation.

The assistance system is available on-site for local video replays, but also accessible to a league headquarters operations control room.

Goal-Camera Technology

  • Instant goal-line video replay in Full HD resolution
  • Visible game time synchronised with the actual scoreboard game clock

  • Playback functions including fast forward & rewind, reverse, slow-motion and frame-by-frame viewing while recording
  • Determine goal line crossing, last-second goals, boundary lines, and trajectory visualisation

  • Footage available from all in-goal and parameter cameras

Vision Solutions For Other Events

AI and computer vision technologies are being implemented more frequently in applications for streaming of various events, including lectures, concerts, and other stage events. With our camera units and vision technology, we are ready to accelerate your IoT journey and develop customised solutions covering your requirements. Let’s discuss the right solution for you – the possibilities are endless.

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