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Qtechnology embedded vision

More than 15 years of machine vision experience


We embrace collaborative initiatives!

Collaborating with skilled partners and organisations plays an important role in our pursuit of innovative ideas and the development of cutting-edge machine vision solutions.


Industrial AI cameras & turn-key machine vision systems

Qtechnology A/S originates from the collaboration between Newtec Engineering A/S and Kristian Glöde Madsen, who started building embedded vision systems for the optical sorting and grading of vegetables in the late 90s.

In 2007 Qtechnology A/S was founded as its own subsidiary of Newtec Group, with Kristian Glöde Madsen as CEO. Ever since Qtechnology has built custom industrial cameras with integrated image processing, so-called industrial smart cameras.

By eliminating image transportation to external processing hardware, these cameras reduce processing latency and comply with the high throughput requirements of the industry.
We have built a portfolio of modular smart camera platforms with integrated CPUs, GPUs, and FPGAs. Our cameras have an increasing range of fitting sensor heads such as CCD, CMOS, Scientific CMOS, thermal microbolometers, multi- and hyperspectral imaging solutions, etc.

Apart from building industrial cameras for OEMs, we also design and implement turn-key vision systems for end-use in veriouse industries such as food, healthcare, manufacturing, and scientific research.

Feel free to contact us for your next vision project. We are always happy to engage in non-committable project discussions.

Innovation and openness

We are one of the big players in the open source ecosystem with contributions in all stacks.

Even if you are not familiar with Qtechnology products, you are most likely already using our software through your phone, browser or cloud provider. With 1.000+ patches on the Linux kernel, Gstreamer, and OpenCV, among others, we prove our devotion to open source.

Machine vision

What is machine vision?

Machine vision is an imaging-based technology consisting of a sensor, processing hardware, lighting and application software. In combination, this technology is used to trigger a set of actions based on image analysis.

At Qtechnology, we build these machine vision systems that are used in industrial and practical applications to solve real-world problems. Some of the typical solutions include visual inspection, quality control, object categorisation, sorting and grading, pattern recognition, and other types of automation solutions that can increase efficiency and free manual labour from repetitive tasks.

Embedded vision

PC-based vs embedded vision systems

In contrast to PC-based industrial cameras, embedded cameras comprise an embedded computing system, enabling image processing directly in the camera.

Embedded vision systems facilitate integration in existing machine systems and manufacturing processes. With a high frame count and instant image processing, our embedded vision solutions are ideal for compact vision systems with high throughput.

When a large number of product images need to be classified by size, quality, defects or similar, embedded vision keeps the throughput up and the footprint of the machine down.


Our contributions

As a company, we find it self-evident that you need to take responsibility and contribute positively to your surrounding environment.

In this regard, we have chosen to support charities such as the Danish Cancer Society and Børns Vilkår, who is fighting for the conditions of children in Denmark. Moreover, we also contribute to our community by sponsoring local sports clubs in Copenhagen.

It also means a lot to us being able to support local university students. In this regard, we make our vision expertise and equipment available for selected students working on vision research projects.