Tailored Smart Cameras & Vision Solutions

Let’s Solve Your Vision Challenges Together

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Designed and manufactured in Denmark

Industrial Vision Solutions for OEM

Modular Smart Cameras

Qtechnology is a manufacturer of industry-proven smart cameras that have been applied in a range of applications in different industries.

In most projects, our camera solutions are designed based on our modular and flexible camera platform. However, we also tailor cameras from scratch, when developing solutions for complex OEM projects. This ensures that our vision solutions always meet client-specific needs and requirements.

Application-Specific Vision Systems

Empowered with in-house mechanical, electrical, software and science resources, we offer clients complete application-specific computer vision solutions, eliminating the need for vision consultants and other third-party agents.

Product innovation often emerges at the interface of different technologies. Developing the entire project in-house enables us to assist our clients throughout the development process, while it gives us a holistic view of the product and the technical challenges. This facilitates a creative dialogue, ensure an ideal product fit and save time and frustration.

Cutting Edge Machine Vision

Unlike stand-alone cameras, Qtechnology’s smart camera solutions process data smarter and faster with image processing integrated within the camera.

Exchangeable camera heads – The camera-body can be replaced once it becomes obsolete.

Multiple imaging technologies – We provide imaging technologies for optical fields across the electromagnetic spectrum as well as multispectral and hyperspectral imaging – proven to provide the best results for a range of applications.

Open-source software – All vision solutions are developed are based on Linux open-source software to increase flexibility, compatibility, and security while reducing costs.

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Join forces with Qtechnology

The search for advanced vision solutions has become more complex and challenging than ever and every customer has distinctive needs!

As your OEM partner, Qtechnology cultivates synergistic customer integration to fully understand your requirements. This enables us to develop a solution that meets your specific vision needs.

Let us accelerate your IIoT journey together.

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Driving Innovation

Utilising our enduring smart cameras and integrated computer vision technology, we are committed to developing novel vision solutions enabling your company to remain at the forefront of today’s complex and rapidly changing machine vision industry.

As OEM machine vision supplier, Qtechnology designs 2nd-to-none application-specific vision solutions for industrial use. In most projects, we help our clients from the idea stage to the implementation of a complete vision system or supply an application-ready smart camera.

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What Our Clients’ Say

Amazing cameras! We have been using it for many different projects with the same platform with different heads from 2M color to InGaAs for hyperspectral imaging. It is very easy to work with and maintain in our build system.

At the Carlsberg Research Laboratory, we wanted to transfer a human vision evaluation to a computer vision application. This led us to contact Qtechnology who carefully guided us with great expertise on lenses, camera sensors/hardware, and experimental setups. It has become clear that it is essential to have a complete understanding of each element to successfully solve a task like ours. We therefore highly recommend both the expertise and excellent hardware that Qtechnology provides!

My research group rarely uses standard components. In Qtechnology we have found a partner that always listens to our needs and enter a constructive dialog on what is possible and what is not, usually the result is a solution that meets our needs and delivery time is always short, which is important for research to move on.