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Industrial cameras & OEM vision systems

Designed and manufactured in Denmark

Trusted camera provider for more than 500 companies

Why choose

Because we help clients improve productivity and save money.

When implementing a vision system, some of the most common results experienced among our clients include reduced production costs, increased product quality, scrap rate reduction, and increased production control.

In most cases, the payback period when investing in a Qtechnology vision system the payback period is as short as 0.5 – 1 year.

550% increase in productivity

One of our inspection systems, which was able to inspect a production capacity of 10,100 products/hr, replaced a manual inspection station with workers inspecting an average of 1,800 products/hr.

25% increase in product throughput

By replacing industrial cameras with embedded Qtechnology cameras on an OEM client’s optical grading machine, we increased product throughput from 22 tons/hr to 30 tons/hr.

<0.25 years ROI

A Qtechnology vision system for product sorting enabled a client to free 5 out of 6 full-time workers. This resulted in a payback period of fewer than 3 months per vision system in pure salary savings.


Custom turn-key vision systems

Qtechnology vision systems are used by clients in a range of industries across many application-fields.

Qtechnology is an end-to-end developer of vision systems. This facilitates a creative client dialogue and provides a holistic project overview throughout the development of the system. This helps ensure ideal product fit, saves time, and enables us to guide and uncover any hidden client needs.

Optical potato sorting


Industrial cameras for OEMs & integrators

Qtechnology also offers customised or rebranded embedded cameras for industrial use.

Our cameras can be built based on standard camera platforms, and customised to specific client needs. Moreover, we can design and produce white-label cameras for OEMs such as machine builders and vision integrators.

Industry-leading supplier

Dedicated supplier of advanced vision systems

With a deep-rooted innovative spirit, we are always ready to engage in non-committing discussions on how to solve your vision challenges.

  • For simple vision challanges that can be solved with a standard off-the-shelf IP camera, embedded Qtechnology cameras may not be the right choice

  • We normally perform non-committing PoC tests to validate the feasibility of a new vision system and point out the results a client may expect

  • We provide some of the most affordable high-end embedded vision systems, with a range of flexible benefits

  • Product tear in harsh industrial environments is always taken into consideration when selecting parts and developing new vision systems designs

  • We acknowledge the importance of continued accessibility to spare parts, and when our clients’ system parts become obsolete over time, we perform seamless swaps for new parts.

Client assurance

1-year full guarantee on products

7+ years guaranteed product continuation

Non-committeble vision consulting

Designed & assembled in Denmark

No expensive proprietary software required

Industry-leading in-house R&D facilities

CPU embedded
Exchangeable heads
Optical fields


CPU embedded camera

No need for external processing hardware! Integrated imaging and processing makes our embedded cameras ideal for a range of vision applications.


Exchangeable camera heads

Exchangeable camera heads facilitate inspection using different sensors and enable the replacement of the camera body once it becomes obsolete over time.


Imaging across optical fields

With CMOS, CCD, InGaAs, and microbolometer cameras, we provide vision solutions across the optical fields of infrared, visible light, x-ray, multi- and hyperspectral imaging.


Open-source ecosystem

Qtechnology is a big player in the open-source ecosystem with contributions to the full stack. Our cameras always run the latest upstream software and they can be entirely based on open-source libraries.

What our clients say

“Amazing cameras! We have been using it for many different projects with the same platform with different heads from 2M colour to InGaAs for hyperspectral imaging. It is very easy to work with and maintain in our build system.”

Bjarke Jorgensen

CRO at Newtec Engineering A/S

“At the Carlsberg Research Laboratory, we wanted to transfer a human vision evaluation to a computer vision application. This led us to contact Qtechnology who carefully guided us with great expertise on lenses, industrial camera sensors/hardware, and experimental setups. It has become clear that it is essential to have a complete understanding of each element to successfully solve a task like ours. We therefore highly recommend both the expertise and excellent hardware that Qtechnology provides!”

Rolf Ringborg

Post. Doc. at Carlsberg Research Laboratory

“My research group rarely uses standard components. In Qtechnology we have found a partner that always listens to our needs and enter a constructive dialogue on what is possible and what is not, usually the result is a solution that meets our needs and delivery time is always short, which is important for research to move on.”

Professor Brian Vinter

Head of HPC/UCPH at Niels Bohr Institutet