Welcome to Qtechnology A/S

Qtechnology Vision Solutions

Qtechnology offers a product portfolio of Intelligent cameras ranging from CCD, CMOS, multispectral 3CCD, 5CCD, NIR, SWIR, Thermal(LWIR) and Hyperspectral cameras all supported by the same platform govenored from a standard Linux kernel build using the Yocto project.
We offer a unique concept with interchangeable camera heads with different sensors or multiple sensors for changing demands, that all fits on the same camera platform

Camera platforms include FPGA, CPU and GPU and optional extra GPU power to fit “all” needs.

The Intelligent camera platform makes it ideal for point of use application, with no requirement of a computer.

Special requirements require special solutions and we offer to integrate solutions together with our customers, so for any specific needs we have customization capabilities and we can customize or develop cameras and algorithms for your specific needs.

We can also provide engineering resources for building complete vision systems.

We are focused on being able to integrate latest technologies to our cameras and continously grow our portfolio of Heads and improve the platform functionality and processing power.


Qtechnology A/S has been around since May 2007, where we started out making a 5 CCD intelligent multispectral camera, with special prism and lenses and a FPGA based intelligent platform. Soon after we released a 3 CCD head that fitted on the same platform. This camera is today installed more than 500 places around the world.

This was the kick off to making a bigger portfolio of Heads for the platform, so right after a single CCD mono and Bayer and NIR enhanced head was released. Then moving on in to Global shutter CMOS and speciality sensors like InGaAS and Microbolomters for SWIR imaging and Thermal imaging.